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About the Scottish Fold Cat

 Fried Mars Bars and Irn-Bru aren’t the only two amazing things Scotland has produced over the years. The Scottish fold cat can not only be traced back to the amazing country of Scotland, but the Scottish fold breed can be traced back to one individual cat!

Most notably recognized for its folded over ears.


Scottish fold cat history


The Scottish fold is an adorably cute cat, and probably one of the only breeds in the world whose history can be traced back to one individual cat. Imagine being able to trace back your history to the first person of your bloodline!

In this case, it wasn’t actually that long ago. So, it is a lot easier. The history of the Scottish fold cat originates back to a white barn cat named Susie. History has it that Susie was an amazing mouse-catching cat.

One day in 1961 a Scottish farmer by the name of William Ross had been passing by and noticed Susie’s unusual ears and adorable features. Not long after Susie dropped a little with a local Tomcat, Ross adopted one of the litters, a female named Snooks.

Snooks and her descendants were then crossbred with the likes of Persian cats, American short hairs, Exotics, and Burmese cats. The result was what we now call the Scottish fold cat breed. The folded ear is considered a dominant trait so is often seen on around 50% of litters.

Another genetic trait passed on was for long hair. The Highland fold in another variety of the Scottish fold but with a thick, luscious coating of fur.

The breed is now around 50 years old. Scottish fold cats where introduced to the united states around the early 1970s and by the mid-’70s were recognized by most cat associations through North America.


Scottish cat appearance

The Scottish is a beautiful and well-rounded feline, a circular face with folded ears he is often compared to looking like an owl. A lovely, soft and vibrant looking fur graces his body. They are available in many different colors and patterns including :

  • Solid
  • Tabby
  • White
  • Bicolor and Particolor

The eye color can depend on the coat color, so a white and bicolor Scottish  cat can have either blue eyes or odd eyes ( Two different color eyes)

The ears can vary from a single point fold bent forward about halfway up the ear, to a double fold, which is a bit tighter and finally a triple fold which lays tight to the Scottish folds rounded head. The triple point fold is commonly found more in show cats.

Long hair Scottish folds are known as Highland folds.


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Scottish Fold size

The Scottish fold can weigh in at around  – 13 lbs with females weighing in at around 6 – 9 lbs.

Scottish folds are a medium-sized cat.


Scottish Fold Cat Personality and Characteristics

The first thing everyone notices about the Scottish fold is his unusual ears, but once we get past that and his adorable looks, we see just how amazing of a house cat he really is.

The Scottish cat is also known for its super affectionate attitude and generally mellow demeanor. Your cat will likely be found in almost yoga-like positions around the home standing on his hind legs or even spread out across the floor in a zen-like state.

The Scottish fold breed is a very affectionate cat and will be happy to follow you around from room to room to see what you’re up to and how he can get involved. He isn’t overly needy and will keep himself entertained when needed.

Being an intelligent breed of cat, they can often be found rooting through cupboards and cabinets to find toys and snacks, don’t be surprised if he nicks a bit of food of your plate either. They enjoy a game of fetch and love to be stimulated with games and food puzzles.

The Scottish does love a bit of lap time or at least a comfy spot next to you on the sofa. More often than not they prefer to have another cat around if your home is empty throughout the day, at the very least a cat-friendly dog.

The fold does get along with children and other pets, thus making him a great choice for a family pet. He loves attention and will be fine among children. Just make sure he has a route back to his safe space when needed.



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Scottish Fold Cat Health

Generally speaking, the Scottish breed of cat is a strong and healthy breed of cat, but like humans, they are at the risk of genetic defects.

One of the main issues with Scottish fold cats is ‘degenerative joint disease’ more likely in the tail. But can also form in the ankle and knee joint cause the cat to suffer from poor mobility and pain. If your Scottish fold has a stiff tail please be gentle when handling it.

These issues with folds are often associated when folded ear Scottish folds are bred to other folded ear Scottish folds and not straight ear Scottish fold cats. It is wise to avoid purchasing a cat or kitten with stiff legs which are inflexible or a tail that is abnormally short and thick.

Polycystic kidney disease has been reported to affect this breed but it is unclear whether that is a genetic trait or just an unfortunate disease.

Don’t forget to get your cat insurance, cover your feline friend from accidents, illnesses, and diseases for minimal monthly payments.



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Scottish Fold Life Span

11 – 15 years.


Cat Grooming

The Scottish fold has a short and fluffy coat. More often than not a single weekly brush will help keep him from leaving hairs everywhere he goes. Plus, it is a great time to give him some well-deserved attention.

In shedding season, it may be worth an extra comb through during the week just to aid in removing dead skill cells and prevent hairballs.



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