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About the Javanese Cat breed

 The Javanese cat is a playful, happy and exotic breed. She loves affection is extremely intelligent and gets along with everybody.

The Javanese cat is actually a version of a cat, which is again a version of a cat. Confusing, we know, but all will be explained!


Javanese Cat History

The Javanese cat has a long and mixed history. She is a product of a breeding program which set out to make a long-haired version of the color point, which is a version of the Siamese cat.

To break down that a to a little easier to understand chunks, a number of different cat breeds have been used to create the Javanese. Using different breeds allowed the program to produce a longer haired version of the color point.

Color points and Balinese hybrid cats were the final crossed pair to result in the Javanese breed being born.

The Javanese gets his name from his ancestors who had Southeast Asian origins. The breeding program began around 1978.

Interestingly, the Javanese cat is considered a division of the Balinese cat which both breeds then fall under the Siamese breeding group.



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Javanese Cat Appearance

The Javanese cat is quite similar to the Siamese in terms of looks and physical traits. It may be hard to tell that though as obviously she carries more fur!

She has a muscular body and a head shape typically described as wedged. It tapers out from the end of the nose towards her large ears. Her ears are wide at the bottom and pointed towards the top. They often are as triangle as her face.

Her eyes are large and deep, they are often described as almond shaped and are always bright, stunning blue. She has a tight muscular body and slim but powerful legs. Her paws are small are oval in shape and nimble in nature. Her back legs are slightly longer than her front.

Her coat feels as luxurious as it looks, smooth and silky it feels like you’re stroking a handful of feathers. Her tail is plumed and even silkier to the touch.

Javanese cat colors;

  • Seal lynx point
  • Chocolate point
  • Bluepoint
  • Lilac point

Javanese cats can come in more color points and patterns.



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Javanese Cat Size

 The Javanese cat is a medium-sized cat and can weigh between 12 – 16 lbs.

With females weighing between 8 – 12 lbs.


Javanese Cat Personality and characteristics

The Javanese cat much like her cousin the Siamese is a people pleaser from paw to tail. She loves attention and loves being involved in everything you do.

Javanese cats are wonderful friends and amazing companions. They are an underfoot kind of cat, meaning the will be following you from room to room. They will always be invested in what you do and will likely keep you company all day.

If you prefer your peace and quiet when working on the computer than be warned the Javanese is known to be a bit of a chatterbox, she loves talking and will keep you entertained with her endless tails and jokes.

Javanese enjoy jumping and climbing so purchasing a cat tree may be a good idea to keep her off of your cabinets. She is athletic and enjoys playing but she isn’t overly demanding of it. She will likely train you to throw her favorite toy so she can fetch.



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She will love puzzle toys which reward her with a treat and will have hours of fun playing with a peacock feather. She is a very intelligent cat and will watch you from afar and even try to copy what you do, like opening doors and rooting through your purse.

It is best to have something to keep her entertained if you are out during the day, otherwise, she is likely to find her own entertainment and that likely means tissue rolls and scratched carpets.

Scratching posts are a great idea for any cat and the Javanese will learn to use it instead of scratching your furniture.

Javanese cats can be taught how to walk on a leash and harness and will love to see the world. You can give her a nice window ledge spot she can bird watch the day away.

She is great with cat-friendly dogs and other large pets but maybe a bit too playful for smaller pets. She is a real people person and will keep your guests entertained as well as telling them all your little secrets.

Overall the Javanese cat makes a great domestic cat. She is loving, well mannered and will get along in most types of households.


Javanese Cat Life Span

The Javanese has an average life span of 10 – 15 years


Javanese Cat Health

Javanese cats are generally healthy but because of their relationship to the Siamese, they can suffer from some health issues. A few of these are related to their face shape.

  • Cat Asthma / Bronchial disease
  • Congenital heart disease
  • Cross eye
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Nystagmus


Remember to visit your vet for regular check-ups and regularly check your cats’ ears and eyes.

Cat insurance is a great way to make sure your feline friend is protected from the costs which may occur through accidents, diseases or illnesses which could prove fatal and costly if not treated.



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 Grooming Javanese cats

The Javanese cat is reasonably simple to groom, she has a medium sized single coat which means she has no undercoat. Her coat doesn’t shed as much as other cats.  brushing with a stainless-steel comb will help to remove dead skin cells, stop knots forming and spread out natural body oils.

She will also benefit from a bath, time to time, it will keep her coat silky soft and amazing to look at.

A once a week grooming routine is fine, in shedding season though it may be worth moving this to twice a week.

When you’re grooming your cat or kitten don’t forget it is a perfect time to check their eyes and ears for any signs of redness and swelling or any smells forming.


Adopting a Javanese cat or kitten

If you adopt a Javanese be sure to give her plenty of space and time to adjust to her new surroundings. Don’t overcrowd her and you will soon see her loving side emerge.

Javanese cat breeders will be able to give you advice on how to welcome them into your home.
Don’t forget to check out our best cat carriers guide to find the most comfortable, and affordable cat carrier to bring your fluffy new family member home in!

If you buy a Javanese kitten then always ask about the parents and any diseases or illnesses in the litter and family genes.

Javanese Cat
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