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About the Himalayan cat

 The Himalayan cat known as the lazy man’s Persian or the ‘himmie’ is considered one of the best domestic breeds of house cat. They are gentle, affectionate and probably one of the laziest breeds of cat around.

The mellow attitude and easy going nature of the Himalayan cat makes it a perfect house pet. They are fluffy, pretty and make awesome T.V binge watching partners. This kitty is considered the colorpoint version of the Persian.

The Himalayan cat really is one of the best domestic house cats on the market.


Himalayan cat history

The Himalayan cat has a bit of a long and mixed history. He isn’t a natural breed but is actually the product of mixing Siamese and Persian breeds of cat.

The idea was to bring the color points and blue eyes of the Siamese breed of cats the luxurious coat of the Persian. Famous cat breeder Virginia Cobb and Dr. Clyde Keeler off of Harvard University were the two people behind this breed to study how the color point gene was passed – 1931.

This work was then followed up by Canadian breeder Ben Borrett who set out to create a long-haired breed with color point. The Himalayan first became known as the Colorpoint long hair and became recognized in 1955.

Around 1957 the name Himalayan was given to the breed and stuck ever since we do kind of prefer it as well, to be honest. The Himalayan is the perfect lazy man’s cat, they love to sit watch and stare.

They tend to take a little extra work with grooming but once you’re on top of the routine, this will be a piece of cake. Not to mention really relaxing.


Himalayan cat appearance

Himalayan cats are really recognizable. If you considered them a piece of art they would be one of the prettiest cats around, their flat face, fluffy coat, and beautiful color points make them the prime choice of luxury domestic cat owners.

The himmies coat can come in seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, flame, tortoiseshell, blue cream, cream and lynx points. The body is always a lighter color – from white to fawn – with darker facial features – ears and tail. His eyes are always a deep penetrating blue, much like his ancestors, the Siamese.

The Himalayan cat has a large, powering head – large round eyes, a short nose, full broad cheeks and small humble ears the tips of which are rounded. His powerful head is supported by a short, stocky neck and a strong, muscular body.

He has short, dense legs which are full of power and large, round paws. His tail is of standard length.

The Himalayan has a long, fluffy and luxuriously soft coat. It runs along length throughout his body and is more prominent around his neck. He also has a thick, bushy tail.

The Himalayan cat has an exceptionally flat and adoring face.


Himalayan cat persian


Himalayan Cat Size

 The Himalayan is a medium to large sized cat and can weigh between 9 – 14 lbs.

Females can weigh from 7 – 11 lbs.



Himalayan Cat Personality and characteristics

The Himalayan is a proud yet humble cat. One of the worlds most favorite domestic cats due to his great nature.

More often than not, the Himalayan will be happy posing about on a chair or window ledge. He doesn’t need to follow you around but will be happy to sit in your company or your lap. He loves attention but isn’t desperate.

The Himalayan breed of cat is sometimes considered to be docile due to their mellow nature, but this is far from the truth. They love to use their brain and are happy to be challenged with treat puzzles and to play with fishing pole games or feathers.

They typically don’t enjoy loud environments and prefer serene like living, they get along with young children just fine as long as they aren’t forced into dress up. They have been known to enjoy a tea party or to be pushed around in a buggy though!

Himalayans are unlikely to be found climbing your curtains or sat on top of high appliances and furniture. They are creatures of comfort and will probably be found stretching out in your favorite chair.

A window perch would suit them fine where they can bird watch in peace.


Himalayan cat health

The Himalayan cat is known to have some health issues – most commonly related to the flat facial structure which makes them so sought after.

  1. Breathing difficulties due to flat nostrils
  2. Misaligned teeth
  3. Excess eye-watering and eye conditions
  4. Feline hyperesthesia syndrome
  5. Heat sensitivity
  6. PKD

Most of these health-related issues can be looked out for and even prevented. Checking the parents’ health and buying from a reputable seller Is a big step in the right direction. If you plan to travel with your himmies then purchase an airline approved pet carrier from our top rated products.

Most airlines will refuse to travel with Himalayan cats due to their breathing difficulties under stress. Buying an airline approved cat carrier which can fit under your seat is a better way for them to travel.




Himalayan CatLife Span

 9 – 15 years.


Himalayan Cat Grooming

The Himalayan grooming routine isn’t easy. But, to stop himmie cats shedding excessively it is important to brush them every day if not at least every other day.

The long, luscious coat of the Himalayan cat requires combing through with a stainless-steel comb, this will untie knots and remove mats and tangles within the fur. Grooming a Himalayan cat can be a relaxing task if done properly.

When grooming Himalayan cats it is important to check their eyes and clean them with vet-approved cleaner, it is also a good time to check their rear end for any cat poop which can get stuck in their long fur.

Excessive shedding can be expected in shedding season so it is important to keep on top of daily grooming around this time.


Adopting a Himalayan cat

When adopting a Himalayan cat it is important to give them plenty of space and time to adjust to their new surroundings. Teach young children to respect him and not poke or prod him as he may have come from a quiet home.

Make sure he always has access to hid safe space and a route to it if needed. If there are other pets in the household, he may already be used to dogs and such.

Remember when adopting a Himalayan cat it is important to ask about his previous home to see how he may fit into your life.

If you’re looking for a Himalayan cat for sale then it is important to look out for the health issues we mentioned above. Himalayan cat breed and breeders should be able to prove how long they have been breeding Himalayans and can advise on their health issues and grooming.

Don’t forget to check out our best cat carriers guide to find the most comfortable, and affordable cat carrier to bring your fluffy new family member home in!

Himalayan cat
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