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American shorthair American short hair


About the American Short Hair cat breed

 The American short hair breed is a loving and well-natured house cat. Although considered an immigrant to the United States her abilities as a hunter and loving pet managed to get her a full-fledged American identity and recognition as a national hero.

This cat has a long history and an even longer future ahead. She makes the perfect pet for a variety of homes and her personality is as big as her heart.

Quick facts about the American shorthair

  • A very adaptable can the American short hair can adapt to changes in the environment.
  • Loving and caring the short hair breed is very affectionate.
  • Great for young families
  • American Shorthaired cats are great with cat-friendly dogs
  • Moderate energy levels they love a lounge about on a Sunday as much as we do!
  • Moderate intelligence levels the American shorthair loves a good nosey around.

American Short hair Cat History

American Short hairs were first thought to have arrived in the US on the Mayflower, in 1620. This scurvy sea cat was likely on board due to her fantastic hunting abilities. She was known as an amazing mouser and was a great hunter of other vermin.

She made her way around the world before settling In the USA and traveled with Spanish explorers to Florida and even Vikings to Newfoundland. She was even board ships that carried people to the Jamestown colony in Virginia.

They were originally known as just ‘short hairs’ before adopting the American first name in 1966.

This breed was exhibited at the first American cat show in 1895 and has been a recognized breed of cat since 1906.

American short hairs were a working cat and would be regularly seen around shops and farms to protect livestock and feed from rats, squirrels and other disease-carrying vermin. Their tough nature and amazing abilities as hunters made them a well sought-after breed.

There is even proof as a publication from 1643 gives credit to the short hair breed with saving New England’s crops from squirrels and chipmunks! Wherever settles traveled it was likely the domestic short hair followed.


American shorthaired cats American short hairs American short haired kittens playing


American Shorthair Appearance

American short haired cats are an adorable breed. But don’t let their sweet nature distract you from the fact that this cat has working cat DNA in his blood.

Thanks to this; the American short hair cat is a stocky, strong and muscular breed. He is built for agility and endurance, stalking and pouncing. He has power in every muscle and strength in every fiber.

American short hair breeds usually have large heads with full-fat cheeks like a chipmunk. He has eyes which are rounded and wide for seeing prey all around. His ears are medium sized and slightly rounded. Perfect for hearing the patter for small rodents.

He sports a short but thick coat which keeps him warm in tough conditions. It is durable and supports him whilst out hunting and stalking prey.

American short hair colors;

  • White
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Cream
  • Silver

The short hair can be bred in up to 80 variations of color and patterns with the silver tabby being the most popular.


Domestic short hair cat. American short hair cats breeds


American short hair Size

 The American short hair is a medium-sized cat and can weigh between 11 – 15 lbs.

With females weighing between 8 – 12 lbs.


American short hairs Personality and characteristics

Domestic short hairs make amazing house cats. They’re adaptable and patient to suit most family homes and well suited to most families.

Being formerly a working cat, the short hair enjoys being challenged. He will love sitting at your window or on a window perch and bird watch the day away. He will occasionally follow you from room to room but will be just as happy relaxing in his spot.

He doesn’t need constant attention from you and will happily let you get on with what you need to do. He does enjoy interactive time though and loves playing when suitable. A fishing pole hunting toy or peacock feather is a great way to keep him entertained and play on his hunting ability.

Short hairs will love puzzle boxes and toys which test their intelligence especially when there is a treat in there. These breeds of cat love to socialize and will entertain and greet your guests without an issue.

Not a full-on lap cat he will find a comfortable spot next to you on the sofa, or on the end of your bed respecting your boundaries as you respect his. He is a mellow fellow and doesn’t need to be regularly watched, neither does he want to be constantly obsessed over.

He suits a home with all kinds of people and gets on great with young children as long as they are taught not to poke or pull. He loves other pets and cat-friendly dogs. They are quite cats and will express themselves through facial expressions more than sounds.


American short haired cat and Short haired kitten playing with breeders


American short hair Life Span

The American short hair has an average life span of 15 – 20 years


American Shorthair Health

American short haired cats are generally considered a strong, and healthy breed. Thanks to their working cat history they have a fit, able body and don’t suffer from any hereditary diseases.

One thing which has been associated with the breed though is Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.

HCM is known to be the most common form of heart disease in cats. It can cause thickening of the heart muscle. ECG tests can be done to check for the disease and most American short hair breeders will be able to tell you more about their cat’s health.

Remember to visit your vet for regular check-ups and regularly check your cats’ ears and eyes.

Cat insurance is a great way to make sure your feline friend is protected from the costs which may occur through accidents, diseases or illnesses which could prove fatal and costly if not treated.


 Grooming American Short hairs

The American short haired cat is reasonably simple to groom, brushing with a stainless-steel comb will help to remove dead skin cells, stop knots forming and spread out natural body oils.

A once a week grooming routine is fine, in shedding season though it may be worth moving this to twice a week.

When you’re grooming your cat or kitten don’t forget it is a perfect time to check their eyes and ears for any signs of redness and swelling or any smells forming.




Adopting an American short hair cat or Kitten

If you adopt an American short hair be sure to give him plenty of space and time to adjust to his new surroundings. Don’t overcrowd him and you will soon see his loving side emerge.

Don’t forget to check out our best cat carriers guide to find the most comfortable, and affordable cat carrier to bring your fluffy new family member home in!

Short hair cat breeders will be able to give you advice on how to welcome them into your home.

If you buy an American short hair kitten then always ask about the parents and any diseases or illnesses in the litter and family genes.

American Short hair
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