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About the American Bobtail cat breed

 Time for the second contender in the most loved cat to originate from the USA, the American bobtail! The American bobtail cat is wildly recognizable from his uniquely short and fluffy tail.

Much like the Manx cat, the American bobtail went through a genetic mutation which resulted in the lack of tail. Although, similarly to the American wire hair, the bobtail cat is an all-natural breed, meaning the genetic trait was natural and not they are not the result of human cross breeding.

This wonderfully fluffy and long-haired, shaggy breed of cat has often been compared to having the love of a golden retriever dog, without the energy levels and saliva.


Quick facts about the American bobtail

  • American bobtails can adapt quickly to changes in their environment.
  • They are an extremely affectionate breed of cat.
  • Great companions to children and young families.
  • Great with cat friendly dogs.
  • Moderate energy levels, they do love to lounge about.
  • A very intelligent breed who would love toys and puzzles which make them think.

American bob tail history 

The American bobtail certainly was a shock to its owners when the litter was born. Short tail cats have been around for many years and no one really understands the genetic mutation which causes traits like this in cats.

One day John and Brenda Sanders were on a vacation to Arizona they noticed a short-tailed kitten for sale so they brought him. They gave him the name Yodi and he went on to become the father of the breed. Ground zero.

Yodi and the Sanders female cat Mishi had a litter of kittens, which were all born with short tails. This showed that the trait was dominant and a geniting mutation, not a fluke. The Sanders close family friend Mindy Shoultz who had previously bred Persians partnered with a lady called Charlotte Bentley to develop a breeding program for the American Bobtail.

They started by breeding the kittens with other cats who had naturally short tails. They found these cats throughout the USA and Canada. They chose to breed the cats a big and strong cat with a fluffy, wild look.

The result was a huge cat with an amazing personality.


American bobtail cat long haired cat breed

American bobtail Appearance

American bobtails are a beautiful breed of cat. They are strong, sturdy and extremely affectionate. They are the meaning behind ‘big is beautiful’

Their short tails vary in length from an inch through to four inches but they have been seen shorter and longer. No bobtail is thought to be the same. Their tales are traditionally still visible from above their bodies when they walk towards you.

Their tails are sometimes straight, curved or kinky. American bobtail kittens are never completely tail-less and some litters are born with full-length tails. Although they aren’t stubby-tailed, they are still used in the breeding program.

The American bobtail isn’t a flimsy feline. He carries his weight well throughout his powerful, strong body and there isn’t much he can’t overcome.

He typically has a shaggy appearance with a thick, wild coat which makes him look more like a wild cat than a domesticated house cat. There are two versions of the American bobtail, the short hair, and the long hair American bobtail.

Long hair American bobtailed cats have a ruff, shaggy pile of hair around the neck and long hair on the upper hind legs, around the belly and tail. Facially he has a wide jawline and a triangle structure. His ears are wide at the base and pointed at the top.

The bobtail cat comes in many different colors and patterns.


American bobtail size

 The American bobtailed cat is a medium to large sized cat and can weigh between 12 – 16 lbs.

Females can weigh from 7 – 11 lbs.


American bobtail Cat Personality and characteristics

The Bobtail has earned its place in domestic cat history. Who so ever is after a dog without the energy shall choose a bobtail cat!

This breed of cat is wonderfully affectionate, but not the in your face all the time kind of affectionate. They love being around people and have no problem meeting guests. More often than not they can entertain themselves but will still love checking up on you from time to time.

Bobtails get along with most families, they love people young and old and are generally fine around younger children. Just make sure he has a way back to his safe space if things get too much. The bobtail cat is super mellow and his energy levels are quite relaxed, much like Garfield the cat.

These cats are an intelligent breed and love doing puzzles, so make sure you get the puzzles with a treat inside. They love to learn new tricks and can be taught to walk on a leash. American bobtails love a game of fetch.

They aren’t much into talking but will purr and meow occasionally. The great thing about these breeds of cat is they are used by psychotherapists as therapy cats due to their loving nature. Their empathy levels for human emotion are excellent. This is a cat who knows when you’re in need of a cuddle.

Psychotherapists aren’t the only professionals to love the American bobtail though, long distance truck drivers love this breed to keep them company on the road as the bobtail is a keen traveler and will love going on a long family journey in an RV.


American bobtail Health

Bobtails are generally considered a healthy breed of domesticated cat. They will likely only suffer from conditions which naturally come on.

No one can ever declare that their breeds of cat won’t develop health conditions, just like humans outside factors like lack of exercise and overeating can cause a whole host of problems.

There are genetic tests available to check for most of these diseases and any good breeder should be able to tell you about their health, the best way to care for them and any defects in their parents or siblings.

Don’t forget can insurance is a great way to keep your feline friend covered for any accidents or diseases they may get. For minimal monthly payments, you will be covered for what could be expensive treatments.



American bobtail cat personality


American bobtail Cat Life Span

The American bobtail has an average life span of 11 – 15 years.


Bobtail Grooming

Grooming an American bobtail isn’t the hardest thing in the world. If you have a long-haired breed then twice a week grooming will help remove dead skin and knotted fur.

Short haired breeds will be ok with a once a week combing. This also helps disperse natural body oils.

During shedding season though it may be advisable to undergo three times weekly brushing to remove dead skin cells and knotted fur for the long-haired breed and twice weekly for the short haired breed.

Remember to visit your vet for regular check-ups and regularly check your cats’ ears and eyes.

Adopting an American bobtail

If you adopt an American bobtail cat be sure to give him plenty of space and time to adjust to his new surroundings. Don’t overcrowd him and you will soon see his loving side emerge. America bobtail breeders will be able to give you advice on how to welcome them into your home.

Don’t forget to check out our best cat carriers guide to find the most comfortable, and affordable cat carrier to bring your fluffy new family member home in!

If you buy an American bobtail kitten then always ask about the parents and any diseases or illnesses in the litter and family genes.

Generally, American bobtails for sale should come from loving homes who can provide you with advice on caring for you bobtail and any family history of illnesses.

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