Cat Names

Cat Names From Movies

Cat Names From Movies


What could be more amazing than naming your new furry best friend after your favourite movie character or famous film feline. Naming your cat doesn’t have to be hard work, well not anymore anyway. Here we break down our favorite cat names from movies. But, don’t worry we wont bore you with 2000 + names, because that’s boring too!

Naming your cat after your favorite movie character is not only a great way to show how much you love them, but also a great way to give your a cat a strong, unique and easy to remember name. Which will sure look great on a personalised collar.

Picking the puurrfect (we have tonnes of these puns!) name couldn’t be easier with this guide of the best cat names from movies!


Here we pick ours and your favourite names from movies. Thought of something different? Why not add it into the comments at the bottom of the page!


Cat Names from Disney Movies

Our top picks for boys first!

SimbaLion King
MufasaLion King
ScarLion King
TiggerWinnie The Pooh
Sergeant Tibbs101 Dalmations
NemoFinding Nemo
RafikiLion King
WoodyToy Story
BuzzToy Story
HappySnow White
GrumpySnow White


And of course our favourite leading ladies!

ArielThe Little Mermaid
AliceAlice in Wonderland
DoryFinding Nemo / Dory
NalaLion King
SirabiLion King
KiaraLion King
SassyHomeward Bound
Cruella101 Dalmations
BooMonsters Inc.


So There you go! Some perfectly, magical Disney inspired Cat names from movies for boy and girl cats.

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