My cat keeps sneezing

My cat sneezed, should I be worried?


As adorable as it may be, if your cat sneezes a lot it can be the sign of a problem. So, if you have ever found yourself pondering one of the great mysteries of the cat universe ‘why does my cat sneeze’ you may just find the answer in this article.

Cat sneezes are usually nothing serious to worry about. Cat sneezes, just like the human sneeze are the cat’s way of clearing irritants from the mouth and nasal passage. Random or uncommon sneezing in cats is usually nothing to worry about, but if you find your cat sneezing a lot then it may be time to visit your vet.

When a cat has sneezed, they usually have watery eyes and some mucus discharge. This is normal when they sneeze. Just like us, they need to clear their airways. Don’t panic straight away if you notice your cat sneezing, it will usually clear itself.

It is a good idea though to keep an eye on them and their surrounding for the following days to make sure no further signs appear. If you find your cat sneezing and coughing it may be a good time to visit the vet.


Cat sneezing a lot cat keeps sneezing


If you notice your cat sneezing it is good practice to have a quick look around the room to see if there are any irritants around, that way if it happens again after say you have lit a candle you can probably relate the sneeze to a certain smell.

Common causes of cats sneezing are due to airborne irritants like;

– Cigarette smoke
– Perfume
– Pest sprays
– Cat litter – Mainly the dusty types
– Cleaning agents
– Candles
– Dust
– Pollen
– Mold

Cats are less like to suffer from allergies than humans, but sometimes the above irritants can cats to sneeze.

More serious causes of cats sneezing;

– Viral and bacterial infections
– Fungal infections
Feline herpes virus
Feline calicivirus


My cat is sneezing


Viral and bacterial infections are usually considered to be upper respiratory infections. Think of it like a cat cold, Young cats are more likely to suffer early vaccinations are usually enough to protect your cat from catching any of these horrible diseases.

The Feline herpes virus is spread throughout contact with cats who are already infected. It is also thought stress can cause flare-ups. There is treatment available to help control the symptoms.

The Feline calicivirus is extremely contagious in the feline world and you can normally spot this through visible mouth ulcers. It is possible it may spread to the respiratory tract and has been known to cause pneumonia.

If your cat has more serious signs accompanying her sneeze like;

– Nasal discharge
– Runny watery eyes
– Fatigue
– Trouble breathing
– Off her food
– Blood in her mucus

It is probably best to get her to the vet straight away, more than likely it will be nothing. It is always best to get the opinion of a medical professional though!

Cat sneezes
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