Best Cat Carrier Backpack

Cat Back Pack 101

Amazingly simple to use, and makes it simple to carry your cat around, take them to the vets or even to the park. That’s right, this is cat back pack 101. We will go through the top 10 cat backpack carriers. We are also kind enough to include links so you can buy them quick and easy.

Why a cat carrier backpack?

Well cats love to get out and about, they often are off roaming the world or just eating at your neighbors house. They can spend countless hours in front of the window just watching the world go round. Imagine if they could get the same level of joy and comfort whilst being with their best friend (that’s you). All cat backpack carriers have a window view so your cat is comfortable, happy and gets to spend the day seeing what you see and watching the world go by.

Truth be told, all of these pet carriers are amazing and each one is the best in their category and quality. So have a read of each one and see which best suits your needs. But our personal favorite is the PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier!




PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Back Pack
Ventilated Twin Side Entry
Sherpa lined bed for comfort
Multiple mesh windows
2 - Side access point
Includes a name tag I.D and collapsible bowl
Multiple colors available
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Pawfect Pets Soft Sided Pet Carrier Back Pack
Designed for hiking
Perfect size for Air lines
Escape proof
Breathable material
Extra thick padding on shoulder straps
Airline approved
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Lemonda Portable Travel Pet Carrier Back Pack Bubble
Space Capsule Design
Space capsule design
Transparent plastic window
Made from breathable materials
Built - in lock
Large ventilation holes
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PetAmi Premium Pet Carrier Backpack
Maximum convenience
Well ventilated - Max comfort
Sherpa fleece lining
Waist and Chest straps for weight distribution
Available in 7 colors
Designed for comfort
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Peach Tree Pet Travel Rolling Backpack Carrier
Wheels and handle
Great ventilation - large front mesh window
5 in 1 - can be used as a tote, backpack, carrier, car seat and luggage
Airline approved
Storage pockets
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1. PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier BackPack

No surprise here then. An absolute wonderful cat carrier backpack with many unique features. Your cat will truly be happy to travel along with you with the comfort that this cat backpack carrier provides.

  • Sherpa lined Fleece
  • Multiple Mesh Windows
  • 2 Side Access
  • Includes Name Tag and Collapsible Bowl
  • Safety Buckle and Leash for Extra Security
  • Breathable Padded Shoulder Straps For Comfort and Moisture Wicking
  • Pockets for Storage
  • Airline friendly
  • Multiple color options

This Backpack carrier is Sherpa fleece lined so your cat or dog will always travel in comfort. The large mesh windows to the front and side mean your cat will not overheat and provides excellent ventilation. The mesh windows also mean your cat will also have great views of your travels without getting bugged by flies or insects. The bottom of the backpack carrier is a hard removable fleece lined floor for easy cleaning.

The netting is reinforced so no matter how nosy your cat is it will remain intact, and she wont escape! The twin side access means you can load your cat from any side. The backpack straps are padded and breathable so help take away any strain whilst your out walking or hiking on a warm summers day.

Not suitable for the rainy season.

PetAmi Deluxe cat back pack cat travel bag airline approved cat carrier cat backpack cat soft backpack cat carrier backpack with window cat carrier backpacks


2. Pawfect Pets Soft Sided Pet Carrier Backpacks

This cat backpack was designed to be the largest airline approved cat backpack on the market. Designed for maximum space and utilizing every little bit no wonder it comes in easily at number two!

  • Perfect for small cats and dogs
  • Extra Durable
  • Fleece lined Pads
  • Chest Buckle
  • Can Be used as a Backpack and Laid Flat as a Temporary Home

This cat backpack has been designed for maximum airline comfort. We may go as far to say as this is possibly one of the best airline approved cat carriers available on the market. Primarily this backpack carrier was designed for small cats and dogs, so measure carefully when buying. For long journeys having a comfortable pet carrier can make all the difference. Your furry little magician will be safe inside as this cat carrier has paw proof mesh, and buckles for added safety.

It contains two removable fleece pads for easy cleaning with just a little soap and water. What we love about this pet carrier is that it doubles up as an airline approved pet crate. So you can comfortably use it as a cat backpack carrier or cat crate whilst sitting around in the airport or under your plane seat.

Not suitable for the rainy season.

Pawfect pets best cat carrier backpack cat carrier backpacks cat carrier with window air line approved cat carrier air line approved pet carriers in cabin


3. Lemonda Portable Travel Pet Carrier Backpack Bubble

One of our favorite space capsule or bubble design pet carriers. Hard durable casing and protective but breathable material make this a great choice.

  • Space Capsule Bubble Design
  • Transparent Window Design
  • Made from High Density Acrylic Material, Breathable
  • Built in Lock
  • Suitable for Front Carrying as well as Single Handed and Backpack carrying
  • Multiple color options

This is the only bubble style cat backpack on our list. It is a great design and extremely comfortable for you cat. The material used makes this shell style backpack cat carrier light weight  but sturdy and strong. The transparent window means your cat or dog can be super nosy but protected from the outdoors and wont be able to rip through any weak mesh.

The window is a breathable hemispherical transparent material which helps ease cats anxiety. This sturdy cat carrier also has a built in lock, so no escaping for even the sneakiest of cats. The backpack contains large ventilation holes for easy breathing and to promote better air circulation whilst carrying your cat around. The solid material also makes this backpack waterproof!

Not suitable for air travel. We recommend you check the measurements of your cat before buying as some more muscular cats may struggle to fit comfortably on a long journey.

Waterproof material makes this a perfect year round back pack carrier for pets.

Lemonda Pet Carrier bubble backpack cat carrier backpacks cat carrier with bubble window air line approved cat carrier airline approved pet carrier


4. PetAmi Premium Pet Carrier Backpack

This is another great cat backpack from PetAmi  designed to give your cat a great field of view and maximum comfort.

  • Designed for Outdoor Travel
  • Well Ventilated Strong Mesh Windows
  • Top Loading Design
  • Sherpa Fleece Lined Bedding
  • Backpack has Waist and Chest Buckles for Extra Comfort on Long Walks
  • Available in Multiple Colors

A great cat backpack for long distance walking and hiking. This pet backpack carrier was designed for outdoor travel and it shows. A top loading mesh window gives your cat ample air flow and a great view. The front mesh window adds to the already great ventilation with a strong mesh panel.

The Sherpa fleece lined inner means your cat will be in immeasurable comfort whilst out and about and adds a little comforting touch if your out in sunny but mild spring days. One thing that stands out with this cat back pack is the double buckles. Buckles across the chest and waist mean the cats weight is a little more distributed and makes it a little more balanced for long walks and hikes.

This backpack wouldn’t be ideal for the rainy season. Because it is a little larger than the rest it can be a little flimsy but is usually great once zipped up.

PetAmi cat carrier backpack cat backpack top buying guide best cat carrier 2019 top cat carriers pet carrier air line approved pet carrier best airline pet carrier



5.  Peach Tree Pet Travel Rolling Backpack Carrier

The only pet carrier with wheels and a handle on our list. This is a great pet crate and carrier for air travel or for elder people who like taking their furry friends out with them!

  • Pet carrier backpack with wheels
  • 5 in 1 can be used as a tote, backpack, carrier, car seat and luggage
  • Airline approved
  • Two zipped pockets
  • Large viewing window

This is an amazing airline approved pet carrier. If you prefer to travel light when seeing friends or family and want to have your backpack full of your clothes and essentials then this is the perfect addition to your travel. Light weight, breathable and easy to maneuver make this the best airline friendly and approved cat and pet carrier. This pet carrier is made from durable material with three large strong mesh windows.

It can be used as a tote, backpack, carrier, car seat and luggage. The extendable handle makes it easy to pull behind you and sits up right when not moving thanks to the studded feet. Complete with two side pockets which have plenty of room for toys or cat snacks which can be zipped closed for added security.

Overall this is a great pet carrier but not so great for long walks or parks. It is the largest on our list and isn’t rainy season friendly. But, for overall convenience, short journeys this is a great cat carrier. By all means it is the puurrfect cat carrier and crate for air travel.

airline approved cat carrier luggage cat carrier with wheels cat carrier luggage air line safe pet carrier airline approved pet carrier with wheels cat carrier with large windows pet carrier with wheels pet carrier safe for air travel the best airline approved pet carrier

Cat backpack buying guide

So, you’ve seen five of our top consumer rated cat carriers. Now its time to see what actually makes a great cat carrier and what you should consider when choosing and buying a pet carrier backpack.

Sturdiness / Security

One of the main things you should look for when choosing a cat back pack or cat carrier is how sturdy the material is. All of the products listed above are strong and built to last, they also contain a clip and a leash so once you have placed your pet inside you can attach it to their collar. This is an added bit of security in case your cat decided to try to make a run for it if you open it.

Choose a backpack with a sturdy frame and thick material. Mesh windows with good strong stitching is also a bonus. Having zips which lock close is a another strong recommendation as your cat wont be able to poke its little paws through and open it from the inside.

Ease of Use

Any cat back pack or pet carrier with more than one opening makes it easier to load your pet. Top or side openings make it easy depending on how fidgety your little friend can be. That being said most cats get used to the backpacks and carriers quite quickly, so having a single door isnt the end of the world.

Dont forget to take into consideration what the main function of your backpack or carrier is though, if it is just for air travel then maybe our trolly style backpack would be the most suitable, this style of carrier is super easy to wheel around the airport and is airline friendly – but make sure you check with the manufacturer that it is actually airline approved.

If you’re planning to use it on long summer days for hikes in the hills then PetAmi has you covered. The large open mesh windows allow great air flow which means your cat wont get over heated but still has the added comfort of the Sherpa fleece lining. There products also come complete with collapsible water bowls which can be kept in the side pockets. When you stop for a drink make sure they do too!


You certainly wouldn’t want to be squished inside a small box for hours so why should your cat? Make sure your cat fits inside the cat backpack or cat carrier comfortably. Measure your cats length and check it with the carriers size guide. Your cat shouldn’t be limited in its movements. It should be able to sit up and lay down and turn without being barricaded. Fleece lining is a great option as it can add a little 1st class comfort to your pets travel.

The straps should be padded. The padding will help the pressure on your shoulders and neck whilst carrying your cat, especially if you’re going hiking or on long journeys. A double buckle is great for people who want to take their cat out on hikes. The extra support buckles and straps across the chest and waist help even the weight of the cat carrier and uses more of your body to support the backpack.

It maybe recommended to tie a jumper around you waist if the backpack adds pressure to your lower back.

Air flow

Big mesh windows mean you cat has a great airflow. If the pet carrier doesn’t have windows then make sure you remove any plastic from air flow holes before putting your cat in, as these are usually taped shut when it is posted to you. The better airflow the more comfortable your cat will be.


How to get your cat used to it’s new cat backpack

  • When you get your new cat backpack make sure you leave it out for him or her to explore and check out
  • You can try putting a few treats in the backpack so your cat has a more positive association with it
  • Never make your first trip in the cat backpack to somewhere your cat doesn’t enjoy, like the vets!
  • Try to avoid any negative associations with the backpack.
  • Start with shorter trips, maybe to the shops and assess how your cat copes. You can then plan longer journeys
  • Keep treats around to reward your cat after you complete your journey

The End Zone

No matter which backpack or carrier you choose, following the above points will certainly help ease your cat into being a super comfortable, travelling buddy. Just remember to pick something that suits your activity and your cat will love getting to see the world from your view.

Already have a backpack ? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!