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    Cat carrier backpack

    Cat Back Pack 101 Amazingly simple to use, and makes it simple to carry your cat around, take them to the vets or even to the park. That’s right, this is cat back pack 101. We will go through the top 10 cat backpack carriers. We are also kind enough to include links so you can buy them quick and easy. Why a cat carrier backpack? Well cats love to get out and about, they often are off roaming the world or just eating at your neighbors house. They can spend countless hours in front of the window just watching the world go round. Imagine if they could get the…

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    Cat names unique, female.

    Unique female cat names. Choosing a unique cats name isn’t easy, we all know that. Unfortunately there isn’t a magical way to find a name! You have the perfect name In your head but when your holding your new kitten or cat, It just isn’t a mopsy, or flopsy or ginger. You want some unique, bold and strong. Something that that makes you proud every time you call its name. So, what do you do? Well you come to cat supplies rated of course. Because not only do we provide up to date information on the highest customer rated products for cats, but we also have this fantastic blog where…

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    Cat Names From Movies

    Cat Names From Movies   What could be more amazing than naming your new furry best friend after your favourite movie character or famous film feline. Naming your cat doesn’t have to be hard work, well not anymore anyway. Here we break down our favorite cat names from movies. But, don’t worry we wont bore you with 2000 + names, because that’s boring too! Naming your cat after your favorite movie character is not only a great way to show how much you love them, but also a great way to give your a cat a strong, unique and easy to remember name. Which will sure look great on a…

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    Cat names girl

    Girl cat names. Meeoowww!! So, you’ve decided on a new addition to the family. Congratulations!! We are sure you and your new furry buddy will be very happy together. But, now comes the hardest part. Choosing the perfect cat names for your girl. Thinking of cat names for girl cats is easy, but, choosing the right name isn’t as such! We compiled this list of great girl cat names to make your life easier. But let us first go over a few points about choosing the right name: If you cant decide on a name straight away don’t stress! Take their personality into consideration Maybe their eye color can help…

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    Best Cat Carrier 2019: Top Contenders & Buying Guide

    A cat carrier is possibly the most comfortable way to transport your cat. Since the media doesn’t think of this thing to be a newsworthy product, you won’t come across enough information on finding the best cat carriers in the market. So, let’s introduce you guys to the best ones out there, which won’t compel you to use the “F” word. We will also throw in a helpful buying guide towards the end of this article to ease the process of purchasing the best cat carrier. Plus, we won’t overlook the fact that a lot of you guys out there might want to know the best product from the bunch…